Language Lessons for Children

Fun and active French, Spanish and Italian lessons for Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children.

Sit your child down at the kitchen table… et voilà, on y va!
A colourful monster by Poppy, 8, to learn descriptions in French

For 4 to 11 year-olds, individual 25-minute lessons are £16 or a 6-week course is £80. Courses include:

  • Weekly live lessons
  • Access to Google Classroom
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • One free lesson
A 6-week course includes a certificate printed on card and posted to your child

For pairs or small groups, individual lessons are £9 per child and 6-week courses are £45 per child. So if your child has a friend they would like to learn with, the cost can be shared and so can the fun.

A verb plant by Sasha, 10, who tried some Italian on Duolingo before starting live lessons

Live language lessons provide an opportunity to practise speaking, ask questions and get instant feedback from a real teacher! This is why educational apps cannot replace traditional lessons, although they can be a great support for the learning process.

Using Zoom for live lessons allows for real-time interaction on one of the most stable and secure video conferencing platforms. With virtual rewards and fast-paced games, your child can have fun while learning. On 6-week courses you also have access to study materials on Google Classroom.

To book language lessons for your child, email or message me on Facebook at