English for Engineering

I’ve been surrounded by engineers most of my adult life and am now married to one! Having first taught English to engineers at the headquarters of UFI Filters in Verona, Italy, I’m now excited to offer English for Engineering online with live lessons on Zoom.

The need to discuss complex processes in English requires language training in a relevant context, to gain confidence with technical vocabulary.

Example topics:

  • Describing how machinery works
  • Analysing manufacturing processes
  • Interpreting technical drawings
  • Explaining safety procedures
  • Ordering Personal Protective Equipment
  • Debating benefits and drawbacks of different systems
  • Giving presentations
  • Talking about your job role

I knew Jessica in Italy, she was my English teacher. I attended a business English course with her for a couple of years and I found her teaching really useful. She uses different methods to improve listening and comprehension, reading and writing (videos, texts, exercises, …). Opened discussions with her to improve the vocabulary and to put in practice the grammar rules. She is really loving and patient, she tries and tries again to explain you and she helps you to reach your goals. She understands your needs and tries the best solution that suits for you. I really suggest Jessica to improve your language… my best teacher!

– Beatrice Ambrosini, Unicredit Bank, Verona

All the speaking activities on my English for Engineering courses are set in a realistic context. This may include giving a safety briefing on a building site, presenting a sales pitch for a new electronic component, explaining manufacturing processes to new employees or debating the merits and limitations of different pieces of machinery.

Teaching English for Engineering at UFI Filters in Verona was a fascinating experience which threw me in at the deep end of technical English. At the time I had no experience of engineering, yet finding myself in a room with a dozen or so mechanical and electronic engineers I soon had to come up to speed with specialised terminology.

I since spent several years working in the construction sector in the UK, most recently at Sweet Construct in Bristol and previously at McArthurGlen European Development in London, where I used my Italian language skills on a daily basis to write emails and arrange logistics for the Italian Project Director.

This unique combination of experience means I am able to provide a high level of support to engineering professionals who need to develop their English to use in their current or future roles. My interactive lessons help you learn technical vocabulary, and provide opportunities to practise speaking in English on topics related to the various fields of engineering.

Individual lessons and small group courses available.

Contact me at languagetutorbristol@gmail.com.